FORMA offers education to adults who in one way or another have not had the opportunity to receive education and / or who have found themselves in living conditions that make it difficult to complete education. In addition, FORMA offers courses for adults who are already active in the labor market and want to further develop themselves.

FORMA focuses on 4 different target groups:

  • Illiterate and low-literate people

  • Teen parents and young adults without basic educational qualifications (18 to 24 years old)

  • Long-term unemployed

  • Working labor force

Our approach to care and management

When registering to follow the trajectory at FORMA, we come together and carefully discuss which program best suits the needs of each individual. If our client wishes to follow an educational course, MBO 1 or SKJ, an intake process will be undergone following the guidelines of our agreement. Here, together with the care coordinator and / or social worker, we conduct an interview to see how we can best support our client. If he or she would like a short course or a literacy program, an intake procedure will be carried out in the relevant department.

An entry exam is also part of the intake procedure. Through this entry exam we can determine the developmental level of each student in the areas of reading, writing, arithmetic and speaking skills in Papiamentu. We use these results to establish which factors are of most importantance to optimize the success of the participants.

An Educational Training Worker (EVS) is assigned to ensure the success of each participant. When necessary, the participant will  receive personal guidance from the educational training worker to help to remove the factors that form a barrier in their lives in a practical way. This help consists of, among other things, psychosocial support, practical assistance, and support in childcare and transportation. For participants who have been diagnosed with serious problems, a referral can be made for specialist help in the form of a social worker (FORMA internal) or a psychologist (external), addiction care, psychiatry or other specialists. Participants can also make use of the services of the Expertise Center for Education Care (EOZ), an island partnership aimed at providing support with learning problems or specific learning needs.

Educational arrangement

The FORMA training center offers both full-time and part-time training in the following areas:

  • Literacy

  • Social Opportunity Tracks for Young People / General Education Trajectories for Adults (SKJ)

  • Secondary Vocational Education (MBO level 1)

  • Professional and language courses (in collaboration and at the request of third parties)

The design of these programs and future programs is done in close consultation with the Schools Community Bonaire (SGB) and the Bonaire labor market, so that progression is possible. Due to the changing political structure, FORMA is also in close consultation with the Local Government of Bonaire (OLB) and the Ministries of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) and Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) and Youth and Family Care (J&G).

FORMA is a training center for adult education and training with the aim of offering adults an opportunity to receive the education and/or the training they need to fully take part in the labor market.