Project Description



The Courses department is a department within FORMA that offers adults and young adults the opportunity for retraining and further training.

There are diverse target groups, with the largest target group being working adults. The course participants register in person or are sent by their employer to take a course at FORMA.

Currently, more and more workers are enrolling in courses to increase their value in the labor market. Also, more employers are interested in having their under-trained employees “upgrade”. According to Forma, there is a cautious trend, both among employers and employees.

FORMA plays a role in this by upgrading the local working population to increase professionalism and opportunities for promotion within companies and organizations on Bonaire. This involves coordination of supply and demand with the companies on Bonaire.

For example, the Papiamento course for Spanish speakers is very popular. Employees who come to Bonaire from South America use this to try to increase their career opportunities.

Courses offered:

  • Basic Dutch course 1

  • Basic Dutch course 2

  • Dutch (Study level) – 3F level

  • Dutch business writing (reporting)

  • Basic Papiamento course

  • Basic English course

  • Basic Spanish course

  • Bonaire In-Depth and Guiding Skills Course

  • Entrepreneur school course (in collaboration with Qredits)

  • Driving license course

  •  Digital skills course (beginners – intermediate – advanced)

  • HACCP course (beginners – advanced – managers)

  • Hobby courses, such as sewing, carpentry, bricklaying, etc.