Project Description



The Literacy Department is responsible for the prevention and reduction of illiteracy and low literacy on the island of Bonaire. In addition, the department provides information and advice to companies and organizations with regard to communication with illiterate and low-literate adults. FORMA works in collaboration with chain partners to create acceptance and emancipation of the low-literate, so that the low-literate can participate in society and feel that they are part of society and can participate in opportunities that are offered. This gives each individual the opportunity to function optimally in society.


A low-literate person is an individual who has not sufficiently mastered a number of skills to function independently in society: telling time, practical numeracy skills, oral and written expression skills, listening skills and reading skills. This generally concerns people who have not successfully completed primary or secondary education.

In 2015, Stichting Lezen en Schrijven Bonaire conducted a study into low literacy on the island.  The study concluded that at least 21.8% of the adult population of Bonaire is low literate.

Through literacy courses, each individual is given the opportunity to develop primarily in Papiamentu with regard to:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Understanding spoken language
  • Speaking
  • Telling time
  • Math skills in practical situations

The Literacy Department responds to developments within the Bonairean, Caribbean and Dutch situation that may affect the functioning of Bonairean citizens, by developing one-off information packages or modules for groups of illiterate and low-literate adults. The department develops courses for low-literate adults, including social skills, budgeting, digital skills and driving license theory.

In addition to courses for low-literate people, the Literacy department also advises companies, organizations and agencies with regard to communication with low-literate people, which improves the participation of illiterate and low-literate people in society.

The Literacy Department is active within all departments of FORMA and works together with agencies to reach groups and individuals. The target group of literacy consists of:

  1. MBO and SKJ students
  2. external students
  3. course participants from companies or organizations
  4. long-term unemployed
  5. probation clients
  6. Prisoners