FORMA strives to achieve the set goals by ensuring:

  • The presence of the basic conditions; benefits, childcare and transportation, which make it possible to participate in education and/or training.

  • Offering basic tailor-made training programs, so that participants master the skills that are needed to be able to participate in an education.

  • Provide training and work-learning paths so that the participant is well prepared for the labor market.

  • Establish partnerships with social and business partners to create opportunities for participants to develop further.

  • Offering training, courses and education programs, tailor-made, tailored to the demand of the business community on Bonaire.

  • The training institute offers services to fellow organizations in the region and gives advice on substantive issues, the evaluation and implementation of methods and shares expertise in the field of the target group with authorities in the region.

  • The training institute has an advisory role to the community for the target group and advises government agencies, financiers, policy and legislators on issues related to the target group.

FORMA is a training center for adult education and training with the aim of offering adults an opportunity to receive the education and/or the training they need to fully take part in the labor market.



To offer adults and young adults, and thus also the future generation, an opportunity to develop so that they can function optimally in the labor market and in society, always taking into account and anticipating the demands of society. In addition, informing and advising organizations, institutions and governments about the current situation of the target groups.

FORMA strives to ensure that every participant has a personal perspective after completing an education and/or training trajectory in which he or she:

  • Has sufficient communication and social skills.
  • Has a positive work attitude.

  • Is self-reliant and can problem-solve.

  • Is competent.

FORMA assumes that every individual is able to develop into an independent individual in our community through training activities, education and guidance. The organization takes the individual as a starting point and creates the preconditions needed to enable everyone to follow an education and thus complete a training course, course or work-learning process. Creating development opportunities also has an effect on our future generation. If the participant has a stable life, he / she can also create a stable environment for their children in which they can grow up safely and participate in society.

FORMA also acts as an advisory body when it comes to issues related to FORMA’s target group. FORMA works with the target group on a daily basis and knows the target group like no other. The information and knowledge acquired about the target group is a source that other organizations can draw from. FORMA would like to play an active advisory role with policy-making bodies when it comes to the target group.