Project Description


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After following the introduction of Focus on Craftsmanship by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, we offer training courses within Forma Entrée. These are for participants without a prior educational diploma. The purpose of these courses is to prepare the participants for the labor market and / or transfer to a MBO 2 course. In addition, these courses offer a better labor market perspective to participants who are following a BBL course.

Assistant service and care (BOL / BBL)

You’ll work in the healthcare and welfare sector, at sports clubs or in recreational places. You’ll learn how to deal with customers, gain social skills and you’ll also receive a training section about nutrition and hygiene.

Assistant sales and retail (BOL / BBL)

You’ll learn sales techniques to be able to carry out work in this area. You’ll learn about the state of affairs in a store, how to deal with customers and colleagues. You’ll also learn how to handle a store and a warehouse.

Assistant catering, food and food industry (BOL / BBL)

You’ll learn how to work with bread and pastries in a hotel or how to process food.  You’ll learn how to cook, which includes cutting techniques, operating and preparing products.

Assistant construction, living and maintenance (BBL)

You’ll work in construction, infrastructure, make furniture, and work with wood and paint. During the training you’ll learn to saw, drill, draw, and you’ll also learn how to use tools.

Assistant plant, animal or (green) living environment (BBL)

You’ll work in the green sector, planting and maintaining the garden. During the training you will learn about plants, transportation and the appropriate tools to use in each circumstance.

BOL stands for vocational training. Participants spend most of the training in school.

BBL stands for practical training.  There is a combination of working and learning, spending one day a week at school.